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How to make money from home!

It is often said to… live within your means.

Now isn’t that something to really get excited about?

While living within your means may sound all well and good on the surface; and it is actually good to practice, what though if your imagination and your ideas are greater than your means?

While skipping on a latte or two might save you a few bucks here and there, it’s not going to give you the lifestyle you want.

Statistics indicate that most people don’t live within their means as can be seen by the amount of debt we rack up on our Credit Cards.

Exploring Options For Making Money

But if you’re one of those that want to get more from life…

  • more money
  • greater security
  • and the freedom to live life on your terms

… than you have to explore options to expand your means and consider making some money on the side!

Because the old model of working 40+ hours a week till you’re 65 and sailing of into the sunset enjoying your life simply doesn’t work anymore… that dream is now nothing but a pipe dream.

Most of us will now have to work longer as the retirement ages keep getting moved upwards to 70+ years.

Now some might truly enjoy what they do and will keep working because for that reason.

While others will have to keep working to make money just to keep their lifestyle reasonably intact.

Making Money Online

Making money online these days is now one of the hottest and trending topics, and starting an online business and earning money on the side has never been easier.

Since the advent of the internet, a lot of opportunities previously unavailable to the average person on the street have now become available… greatly leveling the playing field.

If you’re working for someone else, then that is only one stream of income.

What if something were to happen to that stream –

  • Where would you be?
  • What would happen to the bills and mortgage?
  • What about the school fees for the kids?
  • How would your retirement plans look?

Multiple Streams Of Income


Creating multiple streams of income would give you peace of mind should something happen to one stream, it gives you redundancy.

Your interests can now become an alternative source of money, possibly even your profession, allowing you to make money from home.

The 200 tips below is a great list of ideas and I’m sure that you will find something of value that will help you make money online, creating that alternative stream of income for you.

The majority of online businesses implement some of the ways mentioned in the infographic below.

This is the resource for you with which you can make your way to becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

Some of the most widely-used and successful ways to generate money online these days are –

  • blogging
  • affiliate marketing
  • graphic design
  • programming
  • customer service
  • translation
  • internet marketing

This Infographic will point you in the right direction and give you some great ideas and motivate you in getting started.

200+ Ways To Make Money Online

200 Ways You Can Make Money OnlineSource: LifeHack

That’s a barrel full of ideas, and I hope you have discovered something to help you with starting a business and making some money online.

So if you’re now thinking of getting starting and setting up a home business, what’s the best way to go about it?

  • do your research
  • analyze the Markets
  • some careful planning
  • have respect for the other members of your household
  • a lot of hard work in the initial stages
  • and sometimes ‘Just Doing It’, getting started & working some things out along the way

Running any type of business is not for the feint hearted and it often involves a lot of sheer effort, blood, sweat and tears on your part.

Anybody who tells you otherwise is a fool.


If you have any ideas or questions please feel free to comment below or share with someone that you think would benefit from this.

Alex Zemkus

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