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Attract Money & Reset Your Thermostat!Attract Money

How do you attract money? Well, lets first have a look at what money represents, because in and of itself it’s not really worth the paper that it’s printed on.

If we go back to before money was widely used, people bartered or exchanged products. Let’s say that you were a farmer and grew wheat. Now after a while you were tired of just eating the same old thing and wanted to get some meat.

You had a friend who had a herd of cattle. What would happen is that you would trade some of your wheat for a cow or two from your friend after you came to an agreement about the value of that exchange. It was a cumbersome process with money making this process a lot simpler.

So in essence, money represents value. So when you decide to work for someone for $10, 30, $100 or more an hour then that is the value that you place on your time or in essence your life. If you want to attract money and more of it, then you will have to increase your value. The greater the value that you can provide, the greater the return that you can expect to receive.

However, it all starts how YOU think about money!

In this article from Patrick Chan you will discover keys principles on how to attract money:

Most people don’t understand money.Yes, they know how to calculate the dollars and understand how “money systems” works.

But the biggest misconception is… thinking money is a “product” itself. Like a car, house, watch, chair, whatever – those are all “products”.

So many people in this world go out to make money; trying to get it and KEEP IT.

But in essence, money cannot be “used”. Money in itself, is NOT a product. I know it may sound confusing, so read it again and try to digest it differently now –

Instead, think of money as a vehicle to get the stuff that you want. Money carries VALUE of the “products” you wish to have and obtain. But it’s also not the only vehicle to get it.

My daughter asked, “What is money?”

My wife explained… “Sweetheart, money is used for you to “exchange” with the stuff you want. But it doesn’t mean that it has to be money all of the time. For instance, if you like an eraser, you can use money to exchange for the eraser or maybe, give your pencil and exchange for it,  provided the eraser’s owner like to have your pencil in return.”

I guess the #1 problem for people to become rich (have a lot of money) is their emotion with money. They tend to see money as an end product. That causes a problem – they tend to wanting to keep it. No, don’t get me wrong – I’m NOT suggesting that you should not be keeping money, but I want you to see something differently:

1. The reason why the rich gets richer –

is because they’re willing to use their money to make more money. They’re willing not to “keep” it in order to bring more.

2. Of course there are rich people who are not happy –

but generally, most of them ARE happy – icon smile The Misconception About Money They spend the money to exchange for whatever “products” they wish to have for themselves or their love ones.

3. For one to be successful –

he or she must be able to overcome fear. And one of the greatest fears of human is the fear of loss. This is why, people who are emotional with money cannot stay focused. Fearful people give up easily. But when your mind understands that money is SUPPOSED to be used (because it’s just a vehicle, not the end product), you will be able to overcome your fear.

I don’t have a money problem. It’s not because I have money in my pocket today, it’s because I know how to get it. If I don’t have money, I’ll go find it. I’m also fortunate that in my early days of working in jobs, I have never worked in a fixed salary job, it’s always a sales job. So I know if I wish to have more money, I can work harder – in that sense, I was in control of money. And today, because I’m now running my own businesses, I have even greater control.

Money is to “buy” stuff.

Why do I encourage you and all of my readers to make a lot money or even to become a millionaire?

It’s not because I want you keep more money, it’s simply because money is probably the greatest vehicle to allow you to live life wonderfully and become a great contributor to this world.

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[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”0060763280″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”98″] Literature abounds that it all starts with us and how we think about things and money. In his book ‘As a Man Thinketh’ by James Allen we read that our outer world will always reflect our inner world.

Napoleon Hill in ‘Think and Grow Rich’ reveals how to use the power of your mind to create wealth and achieve your goals.

T. Harv Eker in ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ reveals the root cause of financial success, mediocrity or failure (Click on the book for a preview). He goes on to show how that if our Money Blueprint or Thermostat is not pre-set for a high level of success then you will never amass a large amount of money and if you do somehow do it then will generally manage to lose it. Studies with lottery winners have shown this to be true.

An example of someone having the right blueprint is Donald Trump, a multi-billionaire who loses everything, then two years later he’s got it all back and then some.

There’s a lot that you can do to get yourself into the right mind-set to increasing your value, but it all starts with changing the input. In computer language GIGO; garbage in-garbage out, what we feed our mind will determine our thinking. Our thinking determines our actions. And our actions will determine the results that we achieve.

I hope that you have received some insights from this article. If you have some additional thoughts please share them below.

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