WordPress Is The Choice For Your Startup Business

You’ve decided to start a business. So Now What?Start Where You Are - Starting A Business

One thing that you will need to consider is creating an online presence.

And by online presence I mean having a website for your business.

The internet never sleeps, allowing your new startup business to virtually have an ongoing online showroom that is open 24/7 to the public.

The decision to make then is whether or not you get someone else to develop a website for you or whether you could do this yourself…

And no, it’s not quite as daunting or as hard as you might think or have been led to believe.


WordPress is brilliant platform, Google really loves it. And not only that it is a free platform that allows anyone with only a little bit of know-how to setup a web-presence for their business.

It’s being used by individual bloggers as well as some of the largest companies on the web.

Check out this Infographic from wpengine.com below to see why all these companies put their trust into the WordPress platform.

On the other side of this Infographic Ernest Barbaric shares the ‘Best Practices’ for finding your voice and getting your website up and running.

Wordpress Makes Publishing Easy For Your New Startup Business

In this talk below, Ernest Barbaric discusses how his 6 years of failure, and trying thousands of tips, tricks and best practices helped him to build an audience and a web presence.

Finally finding the right words came out through the keyboard, they connected with the right people, and his traffic quadrupled almost instantly,

Publications came knocking and business started coming in from across the globe.

WordPress gave Ernest an easy to use and set-up platform to showcase his content and communicate with his followers.

You will find the same for yourself. WordPress is very easy to use, simple to set-up and and a great way to showcase your new business.

There are 2 options for setting up your business using WordPress –

1. You could create a free website and easily build a blog at WordPress.com.

There are hundreds of free, customizable mobile ready designs and themes that you can use.

Your hosting and support is free.

The disadvantage of using this method is that you loose some control over some functionality of your site.

2. The second option is going with a self-hosted website with your own domain.

This will give you complete and absolute control over every aspect of your website. If your intention is to create a blog or site in any commercial sense and develop a professional reputation then you are best served to purchase your own domain.

Hosting blogs or web sites on sub-domains like WordPress.com or Blogspot often lacks the credibility that those on their own domains have.

Having your own domain name gives your website a different level of respectability as well as giving you the option of having an email address with the same domain name extension.

Owning your domain name means that you can include keywords in the URL, title and tagline that more accurately reflect your “unique brand” and provide you with better search engine ranking.

Installing WordPress is usually a very simple process and should take less than five minutes from the word go to having your site installed.

Many web hosts now offer you tools such as Fantastico which will help you to automatically install WordPress.

However, if you wish to install WordPress yourself, then here’s a guide to take you through the process.

If you have any thoughts on WordPress or starting a business then please leave a comment or share this with friends.

Alex Zemkus

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